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A new beginning, or the end?

2014 has been a rough year thus far for the Rookies. Losing by 50+ points today against Grunerlokka Tigers wasn’t even the biggest shock january had to offer. After the game, coach Kyian resigned from his position as head coach.

“I feel like it’s best for the team that I quit, and you guys move on with another coach” , he said in the locker room after the tough loss. The OSI management has been silent for now about the resignation, but in a text message to team captain Chris, OSI’s (female) GM Hedda Heier, wrote that they were “working to secure a temporary solution”.

Rumor has it that some of the players have been hoping to gain Dimitris Kourgiakis as head coach, but unfortunately he travelled back home to Transylvania in December to train Trans Basket – the second divison leader in Romania. This leaves the Rookies with no obvious solution for the near future, a tough faith for a team facing a crucial match against Boler in exactly a week. Will February mark a new beginning, or the end, for the Rookie franchise?

Doris Burke reporting for Rookie News.



The Timberwolves have Budinger. The Bulls had Scalabrine. Every franchise might not have a ginger, but they should have. Luckily for the Rookies, Petter is not just a ginger; he’s also a self proclaimed ladies man, a wannabe gangster and a fashion icon. Overall, he’s one hell of a meme target.


Knowing that his jump shot is off at times, Petter has taken unforeseen measures to improve his shooting. His latest “mission to swish” led him to Africa.This photo was taken by Petters mother, who paid for the trip. “All I want is to see my son make a swish, no matter the cost”, she said.

Petter #4


In the last game of the season, Petter threw up one of his regular in-traffic of balance three’s. However, this time it actually went in – off the backboard that is. While Petter was blowing his fingers as to portray them as scorching hot revolvers, we all knew what he was thinking.

Petter #3

@ Number 3

Our final meme of the month displays the contrast between the Petter we all see, and the Petter he himself thinks that he is. With one of his biggest hobbies being playing xbox, he obviously has a gamertag. Let’s all enjoy the way he portrays himself in real life, contra on xbox live.

Petter #2

And that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed this weeks MEME’S OF THE MONTH. Stay tuned for more.

2013 – a year in review

2013 had its highs and its lows, for the Rookie franchise. The bottom was (luckily) reached already in the first game of the season, when the Vilnius Immigrants dropped 115 on lost Rookies at the Dome. All of the players were lost for words.

“Man, we need to take it to the rack…”, coach said after the crushing defeat.

It didn’t take long however, for the Rookies to show some sparks. Despite the defeat, the away game @ Bærum had it’s bright moments.

“I don’t know what Chris was doing at point guard…but Rick and Petter got some good numbers on the stat sheet, so did (Jorgis) Valanciunas”, the injured Kozy said, who joined the team for their first road trip of the season.

- Chris trying to explain his point guard philosophy

Chris trying to explain his point guard philosophy

Due to the jewish holidays, the next game was three weeks away. This gave the Rookies a lot of time to practice essential elements before their upcoming back-to-back clash against Larvik.

“We need to learn how to take it to the rack”, coach said.

The day came, and spirits were high. Fortunately, so was the performance. The Rookies snatched a 38-32 win @ the arena, with newly signed free agent Frode coming up big for his team.

“We don’t know much about him…”, Chris said, trying to catch his breath after a hectic fourth quarter. “Some of the guys are saying that he spent some years in Nam’…All I know is that he’s cold as ice”

The Rookies after winning  their first game in franchise history

The Rookies after winning their first game in franchise history

Frode wasn’t done here. In their next game against the same opponent, he once again finished with double digits, being the first Rookie ever to consequtively do so. It led his team to a 37-48 win.

“I didn’t know he had it in him, honestly”, Kozy said via Skype from Beograd, where he was receiving his meniscus treatment. “I remember during scrimmage, before I got injured, that he would always sub himself out during the closing moments of the game. I knew he had the skills, but guessed he couldn’t mentally cope with the pressure of a tense game…Luckily for our entire franchise, I was wrong”. 

The Rookies had a chance to revenge their defeat @ Bærum with their upcoming home game being against the west-side sons of rich uncles. Unfortunately, a bad first half ruined their chances of getting the W. The Rookies managed to win the las two quarters, but it wasn’t enough to avoid a 43-76 defeat.

At this time of the season, a lot of people were questioning the health of Kozy, who suffered a devastating knee injury during pre-season. He surprised a lot of people by suddenly showing up at practice, in early December. He shouldn’t have. When he limped of the parquet for the second time this season, the Rookies didn’t know what to believe.

“Thing is, I’ve gotten a lot of mixed signals ever since I first got injured”, Kozy says via telephone, from his current rehabilitation center in Steinkjer, Nord-Trondelag. “First Doc said I had probably just stretched my MCL, then the MRI results showed rupture in all crucial ligaments. My physio however told me that I’d healed well, and that I could practice moderately. I probably shouldn’t have gone to practice, but I just wanted to play ball”. Later this month he’ll know if he’ll have to perform surgery. “At this point I don’t know, but an ACL surgery seems to be in the horizon. That would leave me out for the rest of the season… But people shouldn’t worry, my spirits are high, and I’m working out every day. I’ll make sure my next comeback will be a memorable one, for the right reasons”, Kozy says.

The Rookies finished of their season against Conference leaders Nordberg, losing 45-82 at home. This game will however more likely be remembered by the Rookies tough play, than the result. “At this time, we might not be good enough to beat a team like Nordberg. However, we showed them that we’re coming hard for them later in the season”, Petter said after the match.

And that finished of 2013. Now the Rookies are looking ahead for their upcoming game against Nesodden, a team currently snatching the 4th place in the conference. What does 2014 hold? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

– Doris Burke reporting for Rookie News


Recent roster rotations have produced mixed reactions amongst the Rookies. The biggest surprise by far has been Chris’s minutes at point- and shooting guard, keeping in mind that his career thus far has produced more thrown elbows than assists.

CHRIS is therefore the MEME TARGET of the month.

First a little recap of his minutes at PG against Bærum.